Savour the richness: Wagyu steak beyond compare

Yearning for a genuinely luxurious meal? There is no need to look any further than our Japanese Wagyu steak. Wagyu is most famous for its marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, which makes it the king of steaks. At Bird’s Nest, we only use the best cuts of this famous Japanese beef which makes each bite a flavour explosion.

We strictly follow the food safety regulations, thus ensuring the highest quality and the most authentic taste. However, wagyu is not only a better cut of meat; it is an experience. Enjoy the creamy, buttery texture that almost melts on your tongue and the complex umami flavours that stay with you even after the last bite.

The marbling of Wagyu is not only for the sake of appearance but it also gives every bite a juicy and unique taste. Wagyu is different from regular beef in that it is best eaten in small portions to fully enjoy its special taste. Combine your Wagyu steak with a glass of premium Japanese whiskey or a yakitori skewer selection for a food journey that you will never forget.

Do not let this chance to excite your taste buds pass you by. Book your table now in our Yakitori bar at Everton Park or swoop into Toowong Village today and enjoy the luxurious world of Japanese Wagyu steak.