The delectable taste of Japanese scallops

Bird's Nest is ready to offer the finest, the tastiest Japanese scallops on the market. Our scallops come from Japan and thus are sold directly to you which guarantees that they still have their special taste and texture when they reach your plate.

These succulent scallops are so much flexible, they can be used in so many different dishes. They will be ready to be enjoyed with their natural sweetness shown perfectly, just like they are seared to perfection. Besides, delicately sprinkle them with egg and fry them, thus you will have a nice texture. The chefs of our restaurant make sure to use the highest quality ingredients and make the preparation of the dishes very carefully to create unforgettable scallop dishes that will stimulate your taste buds.

We know the significance of food safety, and therefore, we always observe the most stringent food safety guidelines when handling and preparing our scallops.  Ready to embark on a culinary adventure? Pay a visit to Bird's Nest in Fortitude Valley or Portside Wharf and taste the enchantment of our Japanese scallops for yourself!