Locally grown shiitake mushroom: a taste of umami delight

 In search of a healthy and delicious way to have gourmet mushrooms? Don't look further than Bird's Nest's fresh shiitake mushrooms topped with a citrusy soy dressing. Shiitake mushrooms are an unmatched source of umami, a deep, savoury flavour in many broths and broths. Our shiitakes are grown right here in Brisbane, which means that we can harvest them at the peak of freshness and quality. We pay special attention to their care throughout the whole growing cycle, following the most rigorous food safety regulations. This fine attention to detail creates mushrooms that are plump and juicy, with a deep smoky taste.

The soy lemon dressing serves as the perfect marriage that brings out the brightness of the shiitake without overpowering its earthiness. Squeezing fresh lemon juice adds a zing to the rich soy sauce, resulting in a dish that is balanced and tasty.

These shiitakes are so versatile that they can be used in many different dishes. Try them sauteed with garlic and herbs, or, for a contrast in texture, slice them raw for a salad. In addition to that they are a great choice for stir-fries, pasta, and risotto. If mushrooms are your favourite food, then you should try this. Contact us now to make your reservation!

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