Gluten-free Camembert with bold flavours

Go for the delicious twist on a cheese dish with our gluten-free crumbed and fried camembert, served with a sweet and tangy soy caramel and a zesty yuzu mayonnaise. This dish is a real flavour bomb, ideal for sharing or savouring as a luxurious main course.

We utilise the top quality Camembert cheese and strictly adhere to food hygiene practices during preparation to make sure every bite is both safe and pleasurable. The crumb of our special gluten-free has a crunch that is very nice and it is a good contrast to the cheese that is soft and melted. The soy caramel that is made at home gives a hint of sweetness, while the yuzu mayonnaise cuts through the richness with its bright citrus flavour. This mixture makes an irresistible taste sensation that will tickle your taste buds.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by, this is a unique and delicious dish, so reserve your table today and enjoy a taste sensation that is unlike any other.