Best Japanese BBQ Brisbane

The beautiful metropolitan city of Brisbane is fast becoming a foodie haven, and it’s only fitting that restaurants here reflect this. Brisbane offers a wide range of restaurants catering to all tastes and pockets, so if you’re looking for a special place for a romantic dinner or want a mouthwatering BBQ in a relaxed atmosphere, Brisbane is the place to be.

The list of the best restaurants and dining places in Brisbane wouldn’t be complete without Bird’s Nest. Our yakitori bar appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers, from the younger demographic with adventurous palates, professionals with more refined culinary preferences, to entire families that want to have a good time. The menu here at Bird’s Nest is ideal for sharing and beautifully designed around generous portions to feed your curiosity while leaving some space for desserts and drinks.

The smell of charcoal-grilled meat will entice you into our Japanese BBQ restaurant, where we’ll cook up delicious yakitori right before your eyes. Best known for our grilled chicken skewers, our West End location also offers excellent seafood and vegetable dishes as well as extensive lunch specials that include tasty rice bowls, burgers, and best-selling staples such as yakisoba and katsu curry. All these ingredients are naturally sourced from local producers. With all the different flavours available, there’s something for everyone at Bird’s Nest.

Apart from our West End location, we also have Japanese restaurants in Fortitude Valley and Portside Wharf that serve the same delectable menu in a casual yet sophisticated setting that enhances the authentic Japanese dining experience. Our Bird’s Nest On The Run at Toowong Village is perfect for those craving quick but scrumptious meals that they can squeeze into their hectic schedule.

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Excellent Brisbane dining experience at Bird’s Nest Yakitori Bar

Not every Japanese restaurant in Brisbane serves tender meats on sticks like Bird’s Nest Yakitori Bar. We guarantee you’ll get a taste of some simple yet flavourful barbecued meats against a backdrop of stylish interiors. Indeed, the local dining scene has grown more vibrant and exciting with our strategic location, and dishes similar to the local fare served in Japan’s izakaya.

Don’t be fooled by our name. Bird’s Nest is not just a yakitori bar but a full-fledged Japanese BBQ restaurant to satisfy whatever Japanese craving you may have at any moment. The menu is as diverse as it can be, serving traditional skewered chicken, its common and not-so-common parts, as well as veggie skewers that will be sure to delight you if you prefer eating greens over meat.

The authentic yakitori experience

For the authentic yakitori experience, we will grill your skewered picks to perfection over binchotan charcoal, the traditional white charcoal used by yakitori chefs in Japan. Other grilled dishes on our menu include charcoal-grilled Atlantic salmon, oysters, Atsuage tofu, and Wagyu steak. If you want something light, we recommend our wide selection of sides, such as ontama and gyoza, that will go down smoothly with a bottle of Japanese beer in your hand. Delicious nibbles are also available, and traditional Japanese street food is good to pair with our extensive drinks menu.

We’ve designed our interiors perfect for group dining and for solo dining, where you can dive deeper into the dining experience with the utmost comfort and safety. Being a table for one isn’t that bad, considering we live in strange times after all. You will find that Bird’s Nest Yakitori Bar is one of the select few BBQ restaurants in Brisbane that perfect solo diners. Our Bird’s Nest On The Run located at Toowong Village will give you a quick yet satisfying break from long and hectic days.

You’ll be able to enjoy our delicious food with friends or family or as a solo diner while surrounded by an energetic atmosphere and wholesome, healthy, authentic Japanese fare. Book Online or stop by today and experience what we have to offer!

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