Add fresh wasabi to your Bird's Nest favourites

Unlike the pre-made green paste you might find at most supermarkets, Bird's Nest uses authentic fresh wasabi. Grated from the Wasabia Japonica plant root, our fresh wasabi delivers a powerful and distinct flavour that perfectly complements our sashimi and other seafood dishes.

Fresh wasabi is a delicate ingredient, and we take food handling guidelines seriously. Our wasabi is stored and prepared correctly to ensure it retains its potency and vibrant flavour. This means you can experience the true taste of wasabi, a complex flavour with a sinus-clearing heat that fades quickly.

Want to add a touch of fire to your next Bird's Nest meal? Try our fresh wasabi with our Tori Chazuke or Salmon Sashimi for an authentic Japanese culinary adventure. The wasabi's heat penetrates the richness of the salmon and matches the savoury flavours of the Tori Chazuke. It's a taste sensation that you won't forget. Do not delay any further, make your reservation today!